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Time to make waste beautiful“Design will become increasingly critical if the public is to accept new waste infrastructure. Andy King reports


“But it’s becoming ever more important to recognise that waste infrastructure, if not waste itself, can be striking, stunning and inspirational.”

Reduce, reuse, recycle!


WRAP unveils plans to save economy almost £2 billion


The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has revealed its plans to prevent three million tonnes of waste and save seven million tonnes of CO2.

One Bin to Rule Them All An interesting article on waste and recycling from the USA.

 An article on MSDs(musculoskeletal disorders) in the waste industry in the CIWM Journal

Councils have been urged to discontinue “box type” recycling collections as a “matter of urgency”, following a study into musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) arising out of different recycling and waste collection systems.

Ways to reduce reuse recycle plastic containers

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A Green Guide to Selling, Donating and Recycling Old Clothing  

Caroline Spelman and Lord Henley talk to the press at Defra‘s offices in London

Local authorities across England will be encouraged to sign up to a new waste and recycling services commitment to ensure they are delivering collection services that householders are happy with.

The initiative, which was announced by Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman at a press briefing on the Government’s Waste Review today (14 June), will be seen by many as a watering down of original plans by ministers to restore weekly bin rounds.

In the days leading up to the Waste Review announcement, rumours broke out in the national press that a £100 million funding pot would be made available to help persuade those councils operating fortnightly collections to revert back to weekly rounds.


Defra’s Neil Thornton speaking at the waste policy forum

Waste prevention will be one of the key themes of the Government’s forthcoming Waste Review, a Defra official revealed today (9 June).

The Crossness incinerator at Erith


Clean and aesthetic design will become increasingly important if the public is to accept new waste infrastructure in the future, argues Andy King

‘The beauty of waste’. A strange phrase, you might think. Can sludge, for example, ever be attractive? Maybe not. But it’s becoming ever more important to recognise that waste infrastructure, if not waste itself, can be striking, stunning and inspirational.

Bin Wars Dispatches investigates whether the nation’s anger over fortnightly collections is justified, examining why the changes have been brought about and why they have resulted in a level of protest reminiscent of the petrol crisis of 2001.

Report: Waste technologies offer greater carbon savings than wind energy A new report will today argue that investing £1bn in waste technologies, such as recycling and district heating infrastructure, could create four times more jobs and save higher levels of carbon emissions than if the same amount was invested in onshore wind.


Councils lack strategies for delivering efficiency savings Local authorities may be getting to grips with efficiency savings, but 40% do not yet have strategies in place to achieve the spending cuts required, according to a report released today.


Managing wastes works. Eliminating wastes is better ! Waste management policy in the EU is successfully reducing the proportion of waste that is sent to landfill and cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by inefficient waste management, according to a new study. However, the study also supports greater efforts channelled into waste prevention.



A report that claims co-mingled collections for household waste result in the most improved recycling rates and cost savings for councils has been disputed by the Campaign for Real Recycling. According to the study, of the top 30 councils, 23 collected 75% or more of their dry recyclables co-mingled, 23 collected recycling each fortnight, 21 collected refuse fortnightly, over half collected both refuse and recycling fortnightly, and the vast majority used wheeled bins.


Cutting food waste to feed the world – Over a billion tonnes squandered each year About one third of food produced for humans is lost or wasted.  Rome – Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted, according to an FAO-commissioned study.


London divided over `carrot or stick` approach to recycling Schemes rewarding or penalising residents for recycling may encourage a change in behaviour, but it is unclear whether this can be sustained in the longer …

Lambeth first London borough to reward recycling Lambeth has become the first London borough to team up with Recyclebank to offer incentives for household recycling.

The importance of diverting waste from landfill is being lost on the public

Less than a third of the public feel the Government is taking enough action to raise awareness about the UK’s waste and recycling targets.

England’s recycling rate edges above 40% England’s household recycling rate now stands at 40.3% according to Defra’s latest quarterly figures.


Simple alignment of recycling messaging and infrastructures could go a long way to improving young people’s recycling rates out of the home, a report published today (11 May) suggests.


People in the south west of England are the most enthusiastic recyclers in the country, according to the latest opinion poll. The south west topped the poll with 77% saying they recycle even if it requires extra effort

London throws £4m at latest waste-to-energy plant London Mayor Boris Johnson`s plan to establish the capital as one of the world`s leading generators of energy from waste took another step forward today …

UK’s first environmental tax rises Landfill tax will from today (April 1) rise by £8 as the UK’s first environmental tax marks another milestone.

Brits happy to pitch in with council waste services Nearly a third of Brits say they would be willing to step in and help run council services such as waste collection under the Government’s Big Society agenda, according to a study released by May Gurney today.

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